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I really need to paint my fireplace but I need a paint that will withstand heat of course and I would like it to be painted in such a way that it looks like real brick. There is a product called Brick Anew, but it is only available in the U.S. Do we have something similar here in Canada?

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  1. Usually the brick won't get hot enough to affect the paint. The only area of concern is near the fireplace opening. So, any good acrylic paint can be used. The Brick Anew kits are water-based acrylic products. As far as I can tell their products are a combination of paint and glaze but I assume there is somethings that are special, example- special formulations.

    If you want the look provided by Brick Anew you will need to use their products. Have you tried contacting Brick Anew and see if they deliver to Canada? If they don't deliver to Canada then the only other option is to contact your local paint store and see if they have any similar products or maybe they can "import" the kit for you.

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