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I painted my bathroom about 6 months ago. I primed it first with oil based Kilz then painted with semi-gloss paint. I waited about two days then took off the painters tape and in places it peeled just like rubber. I repainted around the taped areas now the middle of the wall is bubbling and peeling. It is possible that the Kilz was a little old? I had it left of over from an earlier job this year. How do i fix it? Do I peel what I can then reprime and paint? Help Please.

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  1. The Kilz was fine, it was the paint that gave problem. This is what happened; When you removed the tape the paint was dry to the touch but not cured, it hasn't had the necessary time to form a strong film with good adhesion. This would have happened with any primer.

    Once you noticed the paint was peeling up you should have change to using a sharp utility knife and cut the paint at the edge of the tape.

    That is in the past now you need to fix the problem. No need to remove all of the paint. Try to lightly sand the rough edges to smooth them out a bit and go ahead and touch up the affected areas.

  2. I agree the Kilz is not the problem. I would try to remove as much of the new paint as I could then wipe the walls down with rubbing alcohol or a cleaner that does not leave a residue. This will allow the paint to adhere better, allow to dry at least 24 hours, this lets the paint cure properly.

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