One darker shade on one of 3 walls.

I want to paint my guest room an off white and paint just one of the walls a darker shade of pink. Is it best to paint that one wall on a solid wall or one that is cut up with a window? Does it make a difference?

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Kilz Primer Problem

I recently paint my bathroom with Kilz primer, I think I might have put too much on the roller. Each time I try to roll the painted area, it will make streaks and bubbles. Makes the wall an uneven surface. It’s been 2 days now. And I am just wondering

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Stained kitchen cabinets.

My kitchen cabinets were stained and the brush stokes and bristles can be seen on them. I have sanded the varnish off, but you can still see the brush stokes and bristles. I do not want to remove the stain. What can I do to correct this?

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Thick Marks From Edger

I got my bathroom ready to paint by patching holes, sanding, and priming. I bought an edging tool and when I applied the first coat of paint, I accidentally used too much paint and now there are thick lines about 2 inches from the border. After all the walls were

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Is Kilz Interior Paint Acrylic?

We have recently purchased a house and the entire house needs to be painted. I heard that 100% acrylic paint is your best option for durability. I can’t find any information on Kilz interior paint being acrylic. Does anybody know if Kilz paint is acrylic if so how much? Does

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