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I recently paint my bathroom with Kilz primer, I think I might have put too much on the roller. Each time I try to roll the painted area, it will make streaks and bubbles. Makes the wall an uneven surface. It’s been 2 days now. And I am just wondering if I need to sand the bubble area with sand paper and prime it again?

Also, every time when I try to fix it, it just gets worse and worse. I probably used too much of the primer. And I just really don’t know what to do? I also have a gallon of finishing paint I haven’t apply yet.

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  1. From your description it sounds like the surfaces were not preped right.

    Lets start with the bubbles, this is caused by the primer not bonding to the wall surface. The reason for this is improper wall surface prep. Did you wash the walls and lid? If so it could be residue left over from the detergent used, if you didn't then it would be caused by dirt and dust.

    What type of paint was on it before? Was it high gloss, or egg shell? If it was then these types of paint need to be scuffed with a peace of sand paper or steal wool before you can prime.

    As fare as the streaks go that is improper use of the roller or brush usually caused by pushing to hard on the roller or over loading the roller. Try not pushing down as hard on the roller, if you do get a streak, run the excess paint out of the roller, do not reload the roller. With the roller go back over the area that you just did, this will spread the paint out evenly.

    How to repair, scrape all bubbles till they quit peeling, sand all surfaces, re prime and then paint.

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