Thick Marks From Edger


I got my bathroom ready to paint by patching holes, sanding, and priming. I bought an edging tool and when I applied the first coat of paint, I accidentally used too much paint and now there are thick lines about 2 inches from the border.

After all the walls were painted, with Valspar ultra premium interior kitchen and bath enamel, I used a fine sandpaper and tried to sand down the lines and painted a second coat. But no luck, the lines still show through.

Should I use a medium grit sandpaper and sand down the lines more? I didn’t want to peel the paint if I sanded too hard.

I would really like to prevent painting the walls a third time and just touch up the thick lines. Any help would be amazing!

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  1. You will need to apply some spackling paste or drywall mud to the lines, sand smooth then try touching up. If touching up or painting just the patched areas shows then repainting will be needed.

    Try this on one wall and see how it goes.

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