Spackled spots still showing.

I spackled and sanded the damaged areas on drywall. I cleaned the walls and used Behr Eggshell paint & primer (in one). Now I can see the walls are uneven. Should I sand again and repaint? If so what grade of sand paper to use? I want to do it

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How long between priming and painting?

My question: I started painting the exterior of my home (trim only) I scraped, sanded and primed but then winter hit ( in the high dessert of So. Cal not too bad ) but too cold to continue and I haven’t been able to get the final top/finish coat applied

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Wrong paint on bedroon ceiling.

We painted our bedroom ceiling with the bathroom ceiling paint. Our bedroom started to get damp (water drops coming from the ceiling). How can we stop this? If we paint the ceiling with the proper paint will it be OK or should we remove this paint before the new paint?

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Using a respirator indoors.

Will an organic vapor respirator do me any good while rolling paint indoors? Kind of cold up here in Vermont(0-15 degrees) to open the windows for long.

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Interior Painting In Winter

Is it wise to paint your home interior in Canadian winter when the outside temperature is freezing? Does it create some harmful fumes for the inhabitants of the home if you are using water based paints? Does it affects its finish and how much time it takes to get the

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Burn through the stain.

I have been trying to clear coat cabinet doors that I built. Every once in awhile I keep sanding through the stain. This has set me back for weeks. How do I prevent this problem?

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