Painting a room which was last painted in 1950

This room was initially used as a workshop for a wood crafting hobbyist (when home was purchased in 1950). The plan to eventually turn it into a spare bedroom/guest room was never realized. Instead, it became a room to store belongings (since 1970). Imagine an “attic room”, for the past

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Repainting Over Old Alkyd Paint With Water Based Primer

I’m having problems with my primer paint peeling from the old, appears to be a oil based paint. I’ve been scraping the excess paint that’s peeling. The oil base in the living room appears to be OK. It’s the bedroom we applied primer paint, only to find that the paint

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Painting Trim

I just primed and painted the trim in my bedroom green and I don’t like the color. Now I think I’ll go with white. Everything was primed and painted with acrylic paint, and I was planning on painting white semi-gloss over the green semi-gloss paint. The question is, do I

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Ceiling Water Spots

Ceiling water stained spots were covered with an oil-based Kilz. After painting the ceiling with flat paint, the shiny spots are showing through. Now what do we do to fix it? I do not want a glossy living room ceiling.

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How to fix a bad spot?

We just had our walls painted. It was very humid and the painter was rushed. He put on a second coat with a very short wait time between coats. One spot did not take the paint well and he said it appeared some oily stain was on the wall. Now

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Chipping Paint on Walls

I painted my family room and now every time something bumps the wall it chips the paint. Why? I used flat paint and the walls are textured with no dragging.

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