Wood stain on laminate?


I bought wood stain to darken a cabinet, lightly sanded and painted with a brush. Let sit for a while and wiped off any residue. 12 hrs. later the cabinet is sticky to touch. It’s possible that it may not have been real wood but I’m not sure what it is. What should I do now? Can I brush over with regular paint or will it continue to be sticky? Any ideas?

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  1. No, it will remain sticky. It's probably best to wash everything off.

    I'm sorry, you'll need to do a primer before you can paint laminate. I've heard someone recommend shellac as a priming layer, but haven't tried it myself.

    After that, you might make a 'stain' from urethane lacquer and brown paint.
    (lacquer and paint 4:1), and neatly apply this mixture with a roller. Spraying will be even better.

    And the last option: replace the laminate, with a color laminate of your choice.
    Good luck, Evelien

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