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I have one large rectangular open room containing a fireplace & living area, a computer area, and a music/piano area. The floor is hickory wood. The fireplace at one end of the room is brown earth tones. The paneling and built in bookcases around the fireplace are rusty brown. So, I have three walls to paint. Two of the walls have windows: the longer entry way wall and the shorter wall opposite the fireplace, paneled wall. I would like to use three shades or tints of the same color green. Which wall should have which color?

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  1. With all the browns in the room olive green would make a nice smooth blend. Olive and rusty brown will be the sharpest contrast so I would emphasize that as feature by using the lightest tint there and the darkest on your long entry way wall. If standard olive seems like it might be too murky when you sample it you should also try olive drab.

  2. Well, it seems that the best thing to do is use a darker shade of green for the fireplace area. Since the fire place is the central area of the room, you should employ a darker green here to make the illusion of having a bigger room. The other walls should remain a lighter tent of green. I believe that olive and sea greens work very well.

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