What color of gutters should I get?


We are going to paint our brick home taupe and I am not sure what color the gutters should be. We have new windows that are white. We were wanting to get taupe gutters but I have noticed almost all houses match gutters with window color. Would white look better? Also. we plan to have a black door and shutters. We have a new roof which is a mixture of browns and black. Thanks for your help

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  1. I think taupe gutters would look best; gutters really oughtn't stand out (in my opinion), and white could look odd against the taupe, depending on how taupe we're talking about, here. On the other hand, with such a neutral color, I wonder if copper gutters might be interesting? It would go with the brown-black roof, and provide a bit of architectural interest as it ages, too. But if you're looking for a particular color, I'd go with taupe, perhaps a touch darker than the siding, not lighter.

  2. My preference is to match windows. If you are having a black door and shutters, taupe would not go very well as it is in the brown family. White and black are classic. If you have a roof that is brown and black, black will be dominant so white gutters would definitely go with that and also bring the black out as well. I am a big fan of clean colors. Black and white are classic and you really cannot go wrong with them. Those are what I would do if it were my house.

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