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My house has green aluminum siding, with a picture window on the right (1 big & 2 small) on the right of the door, and a small window (kitchen) on the left. There is a white house w/ black trim to left of us and a beige house w/white trim to the right, and the whole neighborhood is about the same.

I would like to add a some color, but nothing dramatic. We started the remodeling with the roof, and chose a charcoal gray. The trim, soffits, and gutters are a creamy white that matches Glidden’s Beautiful Beige. We are thinking of painting the house a medium gray-brown similar to Glidden Grounded, hoping that will be enough color.

What color should I paint the foundation and the prefab steps? We plan to purchase a new front door 3/4 Oval glass, should we paint it? If so, what color? Should we add shutters?

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  1. The foundation should be painted a cream color. A brown color for the prefab steps would contrast with the foundation color in an adequate way. The two colors would match together, along with blending in with surrounding houses. It would probably be best not to paint the new door because it may not be necessary. Adding shutters may be suitable as long as they match other colors of the house.

  2. I would suggest a grey color for the foundation and prefab steps, perhaps a warm grey to complement the Beautiful Beige. As to the door and shutters, I would go with black; the black shutters would provide a bold sense of outline around the edges of the windows, a bit like a good eyeliner or mascara. If you are feeling particularly bold, color-wise, I suppose a sunshine yellow for the door could be interesting with that green siding — like a daffodil or a dandelion — but I think, really, if it were my house, I'd be going with a black (or perhaps a very deep grey-black) for the doors and shutters.

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