Underside of open porch ceiling bubbling near the edges?


We have a large (40 x 10) covered patio that is only one side open air, it has two ceiling fans up there, there is a 6″ wood edge along the top of the roof where the patio is open to the outside. There is a treatment on the ceiling that was applied with a sponge texture of some sort (stucco???) painted w/ latex and on the 3 sides closest to the open side there are now appearing blistering.

The paint/finish was applied in Dec which is the dry cool season here in Central Fl. It is now HOT & Humid and as that occurred the blistering occurred.

We need to correct and are looking for advice on how to prevent this from occurring in the future.

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  1. Perhaps there was no primer before the stucco was finish coated… it needed to be primed first with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… or an Oil Base Stain Killer…

    Scrape it and sand it down with course grade paper and/or wire brush … then prime it (use Pigmented Shellac) then finish coat with a high grade product like Sherwin Williams A-100 (an exterior acrylic product, since it is exposed to the outside climate)… use a flat finish on the stucco…

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