Varnish on new fiberglass front door?


I just bought a wood grain, dark brown color fiberglass front door from HomeDepot. The HomeDepot guy told me to put a coat of “varnish” on the door but a painting contractor told me not to and just leave the door as it is because the varnish will wear out unevenly. Who should I trust?

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  1. The door if sold as an exterior door, should weather all right as is, but putting an additional sealer (clear) on it will do no harm… IF applied correctly and IF it is a reputable product…

    I might try a coat of clear urethane Helmsman Spar Varnish (by Minwax)… use a Satin Finish… applied with a moehair 1/4 in nap roller cover, then laid out IMMEDIATELY in the up and down direction with an appropriate polyester blended 2.5 in brush…

    Yes, Varnish might wear unevenly down the road (4-6yrs)… depending on your climate conditions locally! Good Luck…

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