Tiny Pinholes with original paint showing through after painting.


Hi – I have tiny pinholes showing up on my new paint with the other paint showing through. If this was over a white I would let it go, but I am having a blue paint show through pinholes in Navajo White. How do I correct this?

I originally had a blue wall painted 23 years ago in a flat paint. I did all of the prep work and then painted a coat of Behr Prem Plus in a light blue flat enamel – waited a couple of weeks due to other renovations, and then painted another coat. The color didn’t look well with the rest of the projects going on so I placed Navajo White Behr Prem Plus Ultra 2 coats in one day. I waited over 2 hrs before applying the 2nd coat. I used a big roller, edger, and a brush for the corners. This paint job took place on Saturday. Sunday and Monday I went around on the corners to to touch ups with artistic brushes.

Now on Wednesday I went in to look at the walls and I notice these little pin holes showing up and the other blue underneath. I just need to get rid of this blue, please advise.

Thank you.

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  1. That's why I keep insisting that folks use a HIGH QUALITY BRAND… like Sherwin Williams Classic-99… now you will need to reprime over all using a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… then top coat with the above mentioned paint… one heavy coat will do it…

  2. The Behr paint didn't flow well on the wall. This is typical of this paint, overly sticky paint. You will need to apply another coat. This time add a little water to the paint to help it flow out on the wall and fill the pin hole spots.

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