Need to find TSP replacement since it is banned.


Read your article about Wood Refinishing for Outside Hot Tubs but when I tried to find Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) I found that it has been banned in many states. I would appreciate you advising me of what product you are using to replace the TSP. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your article and the time you has spent on helping people do the refinishing to the wood on hot tubs.


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  1. Most cleaning products now contain a TSP substitute which consists primarily of sodium carbonate, soda ash and zeolites. Zeolites are added to cleaning products as bulking agents, replacing TSP because they break down in water and become a non-pollutant. These new TSP substitutes possess very little sodium phosphates. Actually, even products marketed as TSP today actually contain less than 50% trisodium phosphate. These substitutes are thought to be less effective than true trisodium phosphate, as they are less alkaline.

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