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I had problems with the Benjamin Moore paint also. I started out in my hall using the regal pearl (rec. by paint store). I had nothing but roller streaks. Second coat I tried to use more paint, it was worse then the first coat. Back to the paint store, complained, no help there. I went back to my eggshell sheen, it was so much better (95% better), and the paint is thicker and creamier. According to the paint expert, Ben Moore has changed their paint by removing all the bad things in the paint, and it doesn’t flow like it used to, they even had to change and buy a $ 10,000 machine to mix it in. People have been running all over the country looking for the previous Ben Moore paint. It is not cheap, and dollars later, and a narrower hall after 3 coats of paint. Ridiculous!! Try to buy the old stuff, my sister found it @ another dealer. They also told me not to use the W technique!!

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  1. Many of the new zero VOC formulations are harder to use. Often adding a little water helps plus the best technique is straight up-down ending in the down stroke so all roller marks are in the same direction. Using good roller covers, lambs wool, helps.

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