Refinished Fiberglass Front Door

A typical refinished fiberglass front door complete with new stain and clear finish.  These images represent a very popular factory finished fiberglass door that has become weathered and faded over time.  Crowder Painting can revitalize fiberglass front doors for a better than new look and feel that will add years

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Faux Painted Brick Fireplace

Crowder Painting took a typical red brick fireplace and changed its color with paints and glazes, keeping the “brick” look.  Painting a brick fireplace is a multi-step process that is capable of transforming any color brick into a new look. Prime with a base color that will also be the

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Painted Brick

Here is a fireplace we faux painted for a new look.  This is a mix of base color with several applied glazes for a new color but still keep a “brick” look. Most fireplaces can be done in a day with sealing the next day. Prime with a base color

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