Nolan Painting

Nolan Painting has been providing quality house painting and commercial painting services to the Main Line, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania regions for over 35 years. We are the painting service Philadelphia chooses because our customers know about our commitment to customer satisfaction. We promise to start and finish on time, respect you and

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Modern Style Exterior

This typical modern home needed full preparation before painting. This included a full washing, scraping to remove all loose paint, priming and 2 coats of paint. Now the new paint job will last and look good for years to come. Full scraping to remove all loose paint.  Includes the lip

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Craftsman Style Exterior

This Craftsman style style home needed its trim, windows and decks repainted. The siding was previously stained.  Full preparation and good paint gave this home a new bold look that will last many years. Scrape all loose paint. Sand the decks to new wood. Reglaze windows. Seal all gaps.  

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Older Ranch Style Exterior

This older ranch style home needed a good paint job. Extensive preparation and good paint gave this home a new look that will last many years. Scraped to remove all loose paint. Reglaze the windows. Seal up all gaps with quality caulking Apply quality paint for a lasting paint job.

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Old Wood Deck Refinishing

Here is a set of old wood decks Crowder Painting refinished.  Both decks were cleaned and sanded then stained with a solid colored oil based deck stain, Cabot’s.  Stain was applied by brush, 1 coat. Proper prep including washing and sanding.  No harmful chemicals. Complete stripping an option for the

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Refinished Fiberglass Front Door

A typical refinished fiberglass front door complete with new stain and clear finish.  These images represent a very popular factory finished fiberglass door that has become weathered and faded over time.  Crowder Painting can revitalize fiberglass front doors for a better than new look and feel that will add years

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Redwood Deck Restaining

This is a typical deck refinish for Crowder Painting.  The redwood deck was cleaned with a pressure washer, lightly sanded then stained with a semi-solid deck stain. This is an economical way to get a great looking deck with tough lasting finish. Proper prep including washing and sanding. No harmful

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