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I was just wondering if any one here has any marketing ideas. I have been in business for a few years and there are so many other painting companies in my city that it is hard to get ahead with a craigslist ad or handing out fliers. I know word of mouth is the best advertising but until I make a name for myself how can I get my company established? It’s hard to compete against low ballers and big name companies.

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  1. Here's what works for us;

    1- Join my <a href="//">contractors directory</a>. It's free. There are other you can join. Do all that look good.

    2- Get your business on Facebook. It's free to have a business page.

    3- Get your own business website and promote it. There are many free ways to do this. If nothing else go with free solutions then get a nice site up and running as soon as you can afford it.

    4- Join your local Better Business Bureau. This is a bit pricey but well worth it.

    5- Distinguish yourself by doing exemplary work and do a little extra for free. The customer will appreciate it and could produce excellent referrals.

    All of these things work to a point alone but when combined can work wonders. They are also long term solutions that will take time to produce results.

  2. First learn how to Bid a Job … read thru the posts here for help on that… Next try advertising with direct mail thru a local smaller chain paper that arrives on a weekly basis…

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