Paint non wood cabinets.


My cabinets are not made of wood but would like to paint them. What type of paint would I use?

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  1. To Paint Kitchen Cabinets that are made of some other material besides wood (perhaps Plastic or Metal):

    * Leave the Cabinet Doors hanging, it is not necessary to remove them
    * Remove any Handles, Hooks or other Hardware
    * Cover counter tops and floor with Dropcloths
    * Clean off any Grease with a rag and Lacquer Thinner
    * Scrape off any loose Paint
    * Now Caulk all visible cracks along moldings etc. and Spackle or Putty any other holes or "defects" that need it, and Spackle edges of Paint that remained after scraping
    * Now using Pigmented Shellac Stain Sealer, Prime all surfaces that will be Painted
    * After the Stain Sealer drys (about 1/2 hour) give all surfaces a second coat of the Stain Sealer
    * Give a "Light Sanding" using Fine Grade Sandpaper to all surfaces

    Now you can Paint the Cabinets and Doors using the Proper Tools but always use a Sheen Finish, like Semi-Gloss or Gloss… Brush in areas, and use a Roller for the Door Faces and other wide areas… use a "Dry Roller" to tighten up the stipple after the Paint has set-up for about 15 min…

    Some Hinges can effectively be Painted over (provided they were Stain Sealed first) but others must be Brushed Around, the decision is up to you!

    Keep Doors in an open position while drying, …after 24 hours replace all hardware, and for the next TWO WEEKS while the Paint Cures, keep hand contact to a minimum

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