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We have contracted a painter who is complaining and wants to charge more for having to apply two coats of paint to our walls for good coverage. The contractor toured our house before the quote and saw the desired paint color (tan). Is this fair? Also they have been completely unprofessional. Should it take two guys a day and a half to paint two small bedrooms and their ceilings?

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  1. No, this isn't fair nor is it good business. As you stated the painter new about the color and the amount of work before giving the quote.

    I always figure 2 coats when bidding a job, more for some colors. They should have just done it and been done/payed with a happy customer.

    Day in a half? Maybe, I don't know what was needed (prep), the amount of furniture to move and cover, painting closets or if painting trim and doors is involved.

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