Worn Maple Cabinets

Some of my maple cabinets are completely worn around the knob area (cabinets are 16 years old). What can I do to make them look good? Can I sand only the specific area or must I sand the entire door? Thank you for you time.

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One or two coats?

We have contracted a painter who is complaining and wants to charge more for having to apply two coats of paint to our walls for good coverage. The contractor toured our house before the quote and saw the desired paint color (tan). Is this fair? Also they have been completely

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Sealing bottom-underside of deck?

I’m getting a deck built out of regular wood (not pressure treated) And the person building it says that there is no need to seal the under side of the deck. He says that the sealant will seep through the top and soak till the bottom. I just wanted to

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