Interior brick wall clear coat?


We have an interior brick wall, which is red brick with lime mortar. The house was built in 1913, and the wall we would like to coat is in the old lean-to. It was originally partially covered with wallpaper, which is pretty degraded. We have removed most of the loose wall paper, but would like to leave the remnant wall paper, and place a clear coat over this and also the raw red bricks. we would appreciate any advice.

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  1. Any good acrylic masonry sealer should work. The only problem will be that some remaining wallpaper might come loose after applying the sealer. In this case, pick off the loose wallpaper and keep applying the sealer.

    The water based masonry sealers are quite good for this application and won't smell really bad, like oil based products. Plus you will have a choice of sheen. Usually satin or gloss with gloss being the "wet look".

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