Coating a 7 year old outside deck.

Have a 7 year old deck that has been treated with oil based stain 3 times. The floor wood used is regular treated wood. The age of the floor wood is starting to show. Its starting to get splinters on top and our little girls are getting splinters in their

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Interior brick wall clear coat?

We have an interior brick wall, which is red brick with lime mortar. The house was built in 1913, and the wall we would like to coat is in the old lean-to. It was originally partially covered with wallpaper, which is pretty degraded. We have removed most of the loose

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Repaint with Elastomeric Paint

Getting ready to repaint home using elastomeric paint. I have a band in the front of our home can this be painted with elastomeric paint and then be repainted with regular paint for trim color? also can elastomeric be used on Garage door?

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Distress look painting.

Hi, I am painting my wood kitchen cabinets. Wife wants them distressed. I will wash, sand, prime, and apply a bottom coat x2 of dark brown. This is the color she want to peek through. The top coat will be white or a cream. I will dilute the top coat.

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How long can primer last outside without a topcoat?

We sanded and primed our outdoor deck last fall but were unable to find the time to paint it before the New England winter came. The primer has been on all winter and has some wear where it sees heavy foot traffic. Obviously I will re-prime the spots where the

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Stain Over Latex

I have a 30 year old cedar shingle house that was originally stained with an oil base stain. A few years ago I had the house painted and the contractor used a latex paint over the stain. This paint is beginning to peel. Can I stain over the latex paint

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