Deck and trim color?

I have a 30 year old colonial (barn style) home with a faded blue siding (light blue or grey color now). We have a new traditional singled roof which is a grey blend, I would like to paint my decks and railing and possibly add shutters, to give it a

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Spots that won't cover.

We repainted a wall that had been painted 12 years ago. I washed the walls well, used Mr. Clean eraser on crayon and other spots and washed again with water. When we painted, the paint separated in some areas and shows several areas where the paint wouldn’t cover. We used

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Interior brick wall clear coat?

We have an interior brick wall, which is red brick with lime mortar. The house was built in 1913, and the wall we would like to coat is in the old lean-to. It was originally partially covered with wallpaper, which is pretty degraded. We have removed most of the loose

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Door Colour

My house is taupe with a reddish roof and brown front screen door. What colour should I paint the steel door?

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