How to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of a mobile home?


Hi, I just purchased a mobile home, the last owner must have been a heavy smoker, well according to the yellow stains on the walls were a picture once hung. And the first time I walked into it the smell was overpowering. I don’t smoke so I have no idea what to do. I tried scrubbing the walls with water & vinegar mixed..DIDN’T WORK.

The walls are a drywall with paper on top (the typical Mobile home flowery yucky prints. I want to paint it one color. So I need to know what will work, the best to get the smell out and not have the stains bleed through again.? So has anyone dealt with this type of smoke? I was thinking of Kilz, but it stinks so bad. Other say to use a dry sponge first to dlean it…Help, let me know if you come up with ideas? thanks! Someone mentioned a “dry” sponge to clean with??

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  1. In my experience nothing beats Kilz Original Oil Base formula… I have done plenty of properties in this condition and it works best to seal nicotine stains and block smoke odor.
    I don't recommend priming over wallpaper, you should pull it first, then texture and prime. It will look much better.
    Also you will have to account for ceiling surface as most smoke rises and sticks to ceiling. Ducts due to AC unit will need to be cleaned to remove smoke smell. Carpeting and its foam underlayment our also notorious for harboring smoke smells even after cleaning. Most of the time its due to the fact that is is impossible to clean underlayment adequately, or cost effective at that point compared to replacement.
    Whatever the route there is no easy fix to block smell and staining to walls and ceilings without using an oil based smelly primer like Kilz. Keep in mind you may need to apply a few, to several, coats in extreme cases.

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