New plywood deck floor

I replaced my plywood deck flooring and coated it with Thompson’s clear water seal. What type of paint should I use? I want no-slip deck with maximum water protection. I live close to Sacramento, California, so it gets to 100° in the summer and winter are mild and rarely gets

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Deck is oily?

We recently put Thompsons Waterseal on our deck. I love the way it looks but it is almost like it has a coating of oil on it now and it very messy to track into your house or even sit on. Are we supposed to wash it now? This is

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Deck Colour

House siding is cabin brown with white trim what colour for a deck to complement the house colour?

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Rubber Mat Mistake

New wood deck sealed with Thompson clear waterproof. I put a mat down under my grill. When I removed their is a black stain from rubber mat. How do remove stain without scrubbing off water sealer?

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What to do with a painted deck?

I bought a home with a painted deck. The paint appears to be as old as the deck. We have replaced some of the rotted wood and I would like to redo the paint and add a water sealer. I plan on pressure washing the deck. My question is: Do

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Deck Issues

I have a 19×19 deck that is about 20 years old. I have oiled the deck each each year with a natural oil that has just enhanced the colour of the wood. I cleaned the deck this year and it started flake away or left bare spots. They don’t make

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Oil base paint

I painted my wooden deck with oil base paint and after 5 days it is still not completly dry. What can I do to fix it?

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Need to find TSP replacement since it is banned.

Read your article about Wood Refinishing for Outside Hot Tubs but when I tried to find Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) I found that it has been banned in many states. I would appreciate you advising me of what product you are using to replace the TSP. Thank you very much. I

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