Exterior Wood Stairs

I have an exterior staircase with wooden rails and treads that is extremely weathered. I need to patch, prime, paint and possibly seal. What are the best brand and type paint and/or sealers to use that will help protect against the elements? Do waterproof paints work well? Does a clear

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Exterior paint and primer suggestions.

I am painting the exterior of my Mediterranean style home, and particularly the perimeter smooth stucco walls. The walls were previously painted with elastomeric paint. That’s proved to be a problem since the walls get a lot of moisture penetration from the back of the walls where the gardens are.

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Painting 1200 sq ft house.

I want to paint a 1200 sq ft house all inside walls ceiling stair way etc. He is buying all supplies, it’s a brand new home still under construction, and stain doors and trim. That’s all I got to do. What should I charge?

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Bidding job!

Getting ready to bid a job painting 57 bathrooms at motel about 5×7 one coat they are buying all supplies, but don’t know what to charge.

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Problem with Contractor Applied Tex-Cote

Should ship lap siding be caulked on the bottom edge? What happens if it is? We had our house painted by a company that was very unprofessional. Contract stated 2-3 weeks took 7mos. Painted 4 times. They caulked every bottom edge of the siding. The product used was Tex-Cote.

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