Comparing House Painters

You should always compare your estimates from one contractor to another. Not all estimates are going to include the same materials, coats of paint, prep work, caulk and labor, that’s just a few examples. When comparing one proposal with the next you can have a better understanding as to what

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Should You Hire a Painter or Not?

Have you ever thought about hiring a painter to paint your house, bedroom, living room? Well, I have and my experience in hiring a painter has been quite the experience. About five years ago my wife and I wanted to paint the living room because it was too dark. The

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Selecting a Contractor

Always do your home work. That is most important when selecting a contractor. Make sure they are insured. Always get there insurance information from the insurance company. This is more official coming from the insurance company. Ask Questions. Never be afraid to ask what is on your mind, you might

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EPA Lead Law

EPA Certified Lead Paint Renovator The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that renovations and repairs of pre-1978 buildings must now be conducted using safe practices to protect families and workers from exposure to lead-based paint. EPA proposed the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, which requires contractors to be trained

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When Not to Paint Without a Professional

Every savvy do-it-yourself homeowner has, at one time or another, scoffed at the thought of calling a professional painter. Why bother, he may ask himself; after all, it is only paint. However, there are times when a professional is the only way to go. If you are about to embark

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Why You Need A Professional Painter To Paint Your House

You might think that your painting project is undoubtedly D.I.Y. But chances are, you’ll see that there is lot of on the job training. It is better to hire a professional home painting contractor than to realize that you cannot complete the task after you’ve already started. Professional painting contractors

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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Painting Contractor

Even experienced do-it-yourselfers sometimes need to turn things over to a pro. Here are 10 reasons to call a paint contractor in: When painting a two- or three-story home. If you’re not in ideal physical condition, and even if you are, there’s no need to risk life and limb proving

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Craigslist for Better or Worse

As a frequent advertiser under the “skilled trade” section of Craigslist I am under the following impression of it’s readers. Craigslist is a great free advertising site for just about everything. It has a following that tops all in the services that are offered. Its geographical boundaries are phenomenal. Most

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