Can I stain interior doors a darker colour without having to do all the trim?


My interior doors and trim all all a golden or honey oak and feel a bit dated. Can I update the doors by going with a darker stain, without having to do all the trim as well?

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  1. Yes, you can update your interior doors by going with a darker stain without necessarily needing to redo all the trim. This can create a striking contrast that modernizes the look of your space. By selecting a darker stain such as espresso or mahogany, you can add depth and sophistication to your doors while allowing the trim to retain its existing color. This approach can create a stylish focal point in your room and give the doors a fresh, updated appearance.

    Before starting the staining process, make sure to properly prepare the doors by sanding them to remove the existing finish and ensure a smooth surface for the new stain to adhere to. Apply the new stain in thin, even coats to achieve the desired color intensity. Once the staining is complete, protect the finish with a clear coat or varnish to enhance durability and longevity.

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