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Room is 10 ft x 12 ft, couch is red, carpet is dark green, room has 1 window and a sliding glass door. My husband wants to go dark but I’m not sure. What would be best?

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  1. It depends on the room use and your own preferences. If the room will be used as a theater, watching movies, then dark colors would be best. But if it is for general purpose use then some lighter colors might work better, better light reflection.

    A good compromise is to use a darker color as an accent and a main lighter color (2-3 shades lighter). You could also use a darker color for one wall and the lower third of the other walls with a lighter color for the top 3 walls, add chair rail trim to separate the colors.

    Remember the ceiling is typically a lighter color and this is the largest area of any room. Just having a lighter complementary colored ceiling will dramatically lighten up a room.

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