Restaining Help!

Our house is stained a medium brown, and we need to restain it. The problem is that the previous owners began to stain the FRONT of the house a reddish color, but did a few large patches and never completed the job. We are worried that stain applied over the

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Dining Room Table

I have a mat finish dining room table that had a water stain on it. I used a cloth (called Krazy Kloth) to remove it and it left a large shiny waxy spot. Now I can’t get the waxy spot off to restore the table top to its mat finish.

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Can’t pick a paint color?

My living room and 3 of my bedrooms have wood stained brown ceilings. Now I was told many times to paint them white and then was told that it will bring the value of the house down because it is stained natural wood. I am trying to find out what

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Painting For My Friends Or Anyone

If a surface wall needs two coats and this is discovered after the first coat is applied should I charge an additional amount for the second coat since it was really hard to tell before the first coat went on?

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