Exterior Painting

A contractor sprayed the outside of my house and now it has spots that have bubbled up and peeling along the boards has also taken place. Is this due to not preparing the surface first?

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Horrible contractor.

I hired a painting contractor to paint the interior of my home and refinish the scratches on my kitchen cabinets. He did a horrible job, I can see the old paint color in some areas of the home and the paint color doesn’t match the one I picked. I think

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Correct newly painted walls.

I have two things to correct on newly painted walls: I have some recent scuff marks that will not wash off. How do I correct them? I also have small sections of walls that need a second coat. Can you offer some suggestions? Someone once told me that the solution

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Interior paint bubbling.

Latex paint applied to bathroom walls bubbled upon application of 2nd coat. First coat was allowed to dry for 14 hours. Bubbles seem to disappear after about 2 hours. Also plastering was in process in room below bathroom. Now that bubbles seem to have disappeared (perhaps shrinkage). What action should

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