Uneven colors after 2 coats.

I’ve recently tried to paint my bathroom with a very bright color. I used 2 coats of paint and yet the result was an uneven tone, some parts of the painted wall are darker than the others. How do I fix this problem? I did use a white primer before

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Acrylic urathane on brass.

I’ve cleaned a brass surround on a hole-in-the-wall fireplace and the advice on the internet suggests that acrylic urathane seems to be the best lacquer to apply to stop it re-tarnishing. In your experience could clear acrylic urathane also be used on brass.

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Colors for Small Bathroom

I took down my 20 year old wallpaper to paint my walls. My tub is a medium brown. What color would you suggest for the walls and the ceiling? Would you paint one wall a darker color than the other 3?

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