Staining Dark Wood Ceiling With Whitewash

I have a large room that has a wood beam ceiling that I hate. I would like to know what would be the easiest way to whitewash the ceiling. Could I just use a latex paint and paint it on and then rub it off? I can not tell if

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Sanding as part of Interior wall painting prep?

I am an Interior Decorator with 19 years experience. Recently I acquired a new client with a beautiful 3 year old home in need of decorating and finishes. My first suggestion was to paint and add warmth and neutral personality. My client is in the construction field and had a

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Does exterior stucco paint breathe?

I have a 3+ year old house with some minor cracking in the stucco finish. I want to have the cracks repaired and then repaint/protect/waterproof, whatever is appropriate. Have heard that you “can’t paint stucco” because some/all paints do not allow stucco to breathe. Is this true or do latex

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Living room is too white.

My living room is too white and I’m trying to bring some color to the room but not sure what. My home has a contemporary look with low and wide white leather sofas. I also have a white rug. I have 6 small paintings next to each other and they

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Oil Over Latex

The original surface was latex. So, I used a oil based primer and then an oil based paint over that. Is this OK?

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