Paint looks different colour.

I have just painted my stair wall in Magnolia. The wall has a mahogany dado rail. The paint seems to look darker at the bottom. I have applied 3 coats (bottom was green before, top was always Magnolia), used same tin of paint for top & bottom, any ideas?

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Paint keeps cracking.

Paint keeps cracking on interior wall. Scrapped off paint and re-plastered the wall, waited a week and the same thing has happened. Can any one help?

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Exterior Blistering

What it the 1st step to do when I want to apply oil base primer on top of semi-transparent stain + solid stain (both oil base)? Homeowner wanted to paint instead of stain. Started getting blistering in different locations of the house, when I applied Cover Stain, oil base primer.

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Blowtorch Paint Removal

I am an experienced contractor who has never used a blowtorch for paint removal. We are removing paint from 150+ yr old columns and are wondering if chemical stripping (considering “peel away 1”) or the blowtorch will be more effective? Both from a cost and time standpoint. These exterior porch

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