Bid for cedar shake siding?

I have a potential client with a restoration business, from what he has told me most of his work is high end work. I have been a sub contractor for a big painting co. for a long time and have fallen out of the loop on pricing. The job is

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Wild pricing with painting my ceiling?

I need to paint my factory ceiling which is corrugated metal with wiring and etc. I’ve been getting weird pricing. Is there not an industry standard as per sq ft to paint ?? How do I know who is being real and who is just out to get rich ?

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How much to paint drywall?

New in town been in the business for over 25 years. Got a job to do and was wondering what I should charge per sq. foot to paint dry wall? All suggestions welcome.

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How are all you painters surviving this economy?

I own a painting company in central Florida and I’m finding it hard to survive the rapid declining economy! So I wanted to inquire with all you painters on how you’re holding up? I miss the days when I was raking in jobs from left to right. But that’s all

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