Does trimming include windows?

I’m having my exterior painted. My painter has just informed me that he only trims the outside frame of windows. My understanding of trim is the ENTIRE window. What gives?

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What is included in an exterior paint job?

I have the old style storm windows and I wanted to know if the outside of the interior window should be included in an exterior paint job. My contractor says technically they are interior and that when he said windows he meant the exterior sash only.

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Spray VS Roller/Brushing for Exterior Painting

I am in the process of obtaining bids on the exterior of my home. It has 4″ tongue and groove Redwood siding that is peeling and checking badly. Several of the contractors spray on the paint and do not recommend roller and brushing. They say that the only reason they

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Problem with Contractor Applied Tex-Cote

Should ship lap siding be caulked on the bottom edge? What happens if it is? We had our house painted by a company that was very unprofessional. Contract stated 2-3 weeks took 7mos. Painted 4 times. They caulked every bottom edge of the siding. The product used was Tex-Cote.

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Clapboard Repair

My bungalow style home has many clapboards which are split. Would a typical painting contractor job involve replacing these boards?

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Spraying doors and shelves indoors.

What would your opinion be of a painting contractor who set up a “paint booth” in one of my rooms by covering the windows and shutters with the thinnest of plastic, and proceeded to spray stain on about 50 shelves and cabinet doors. The floor is bare concrete – awaiting

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Self Priming Paint or Regular Paint

We’re taking bids from painters. Most say they will use Dunn-Edwards paint but one of them says he wants to use a Behr paint that requires no primer. It has it built in. I spoke with Home Depot. They say it’s a new product and very popular. Can I go

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Trim Painting

My painter tells me that he doesn’t paint all three sides of a vertical trim piece, only the front face. Is this typical, and if so, why?

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