How can I make my bed frame color darker?

I have a bed that’s solid wood (maybe oak or something) and they stained it an orangy red…or like a light cherry. I want to have the wood be darker. I would prefer to NOT just paint it brown but was kind of hoping their was some magic paint out

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Refinishing An Old Wood Vestibule Door

I have an old vestibule door that has the pretty beveled or led glass that matches the glass in my front windows. The door is old and I am thinking of refurbishing it and moving it to be the entry door. It is dark wood and I would like to

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Which polyurethane is the best for wood that is dry?

I have a t&g pine ceiling. Our fireplace has made the wood very dry in places. The ceiling was clear coated before. I was told to use oil base polyurethane to put moisture back into the wood. I would rather use water based polyurethane because the fumes are not as

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Flaking Paint On Previously Painted Cabinets

The cabinets must have been painted with either enamel or semi gloss latex and the prior owner painted over them with flat latex, they are horrible. The paint is rolling up and peeling, and you cannot wipe them off without further damage. Not a good situation in the kitchen. How

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Stripping Poly & Stain off Wood Veneer

We ordered a wood veneer countertop to be stained (Minwax Dark Walnut)and poly. It came out awful. Because the counter was for an “L” shaped desktop, it has 3 pieces (corner & 2 length sides). All 3 pieces don’t match or blend. The company said they had a hard time

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Painted cabinets peeling.

I just painted my kitchen cabinets and put up the doors and now the paint is peeling where the doors meet the cabinet frame. I was told that in lieu of sanding I could use a deglosser, which I did. I put on one coat of latex primer and three

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