Paint On Top of Silicon Caulk

I had a new front door installed. I put KILZ on the pressure-treated wood over the weekend. Last night when I tried to paint (hunter green) the frame areas around the door, I was getting “cracking” in the caulked areas. This morning, I looked at the door and I also

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Does elastomeric paint wick moisture from the ground?

I am the Executive Director of a senior housing community in Portland, OR. One of our buildings is brick with a cement foundation/basement (partially above ground, partially below). We want to seal the brick and cement against moisture with siloxane or something similar, and are considering painting the cement with

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Will Elastomeric Paint Cure a Water Intrusion Problem

We have stucco buildings in Florida, they are about 25 years old and are experiencing many cracks in the walls which we have been caulking but cannot keep up with as these cracks lead to water intrusion in our units. Will elastomeric paint solve this problem?

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Paint The Trim First or The House

I have a quick question about the trimming on the outside of my house. Well my question is; do I paint the house then the trimming or do I paint the trimming first then the house?

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Staining a Cedar Siding Home

I am restaining our house with Behr solid stain. I am going darker (brown) and doing the usual prep of washing. The previous owners put new cedar siding on but stained only what they could reach. So now I have a aged cedar and stained cedar to cover. Any thoughts

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Painting Red With White Trim on Barn

We are painting a barn, classic red with white trim. I think we should use a primer tinted half way to the red in order to get good coverage. Now what about the white trim x’s on the doors? What is the best way to mask/paint those without getting the

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Painting Eaves on House

What do you do to paint eaves on a two story house with concrete tile roofing, particularly trying to avoid breaking the tiles on the roof?

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TSP residue on windows.

I used TSP and bleach in a mixture to clean mold from the exterior of a house that I painted. Unfortunately, I didn’t completely rinse the residue from the house windows and streaking and a greasy residue remained after the paint job was completed. I tried re applying the cleaning

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