Waterproof Existing Exterior Plaster

I am an Architect and am working on a historic building. The building was built with no building paper substrate. The plaster was applied over 3 inch thick ceramic tiles over studs. If we provide elastomeric paint, will this provide a waterproof membrane with a warranty?

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Stain Glows On Cedar Sided House

I am restaining my sawn-cut cedar sided home. The cedar was installed via the channel method. The current stain has a beautiful glow to it. There is also much variegation in the wood. All homes I have compared it too appear to have a matte finish. What brands or types

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How To Prep and Paint Exterior Old Wood

Our home is 60 years old and has had several coats of paint on the exterior wood planks. Current condition includes chips, exposing wood and different degrees of paint layers on each board. I want to know the best way to prep the wood (scraping or power washing) and what

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James Hardie Cement Fiber Lap Siding

I have brand new James Hardie Cement Fiber lap siding. I would like to know if it should primed before painting even though it comes pre-primed? I am concerned about the caulking that was used in between each lap, wouldn’t that need the coat of primer even if the boards

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Primer over old paint after washed and scraped?

I am unsure of what type of paint was used last on the house. I plan to powerwash and scrape before painting. I will be using Permanizer (Porter Paint) acrylic exterior paint. Should I use a primer first even though it says self priming?

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