Washing My House Prior To Priming

What should I wash my house with prior to priming it for the finish paint job? I only want to do this once, and I want to do it right. I’ve scraped, and I’ve sanded. Is there another step that I can take before somebody hits me with ‘Oh! You

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Exterior Paint For An Outdoor Mural

Which exterior paint is best for an outdoor mural at a school? I’ve heard of C2 Paints with the highest amount of pigment, or on this site you mention Elastomeric paint. The mural is on a brick wall we are covering with plaster/stucco finish. It is a mural we want

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Masonry Sealer Problem

I bought some masonry water sealer from B&Q, there own brand. I cleaned all masonry first then I applied the sealer, but a lot of the brickwork has turned into a milky color after it dried out. Making the house look as if its covered in dust. Is there anyway

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Paint or Stain

Just purchased this home with pine vertical siding. How can I tell if it is finished with paint or stain? It is a solid red color.

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Elastomeric on Stucco in Extreme Heat

Live in the Palm Springs area, where it has been 100-115 degrees most every day. I am presuming that one should not apply Elastomeric (over previous Elastomeric on Stucco) in this heat. Is this correct? If so, what is the maximum temperature allowable for this application?

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Can I paint over white stone?

The front of my house is done in white stone (big pieces) – The rest of the house is light grey and the roof is blue metal!! These are definitely not my colors, so I’m ready to paint. I’m going to have the roof painted green and the house in

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How often should you pressure wash and paint?

I am on a homeowners’ committee in a Pulte built community of town homes. I hope that you can advise us about some important issues. The community is four years old and the exterior consists of Hardie Board plank siding, unpainted brick and stone, and wood trim. It is in

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