What color to paint front door?


We have a two story colonial with red brick on the front porch area. The rest of the house we painted a medium yellow. The roof is navy and we put up white shutters – Our front door is white and we painted the inserts of door the same yellow as the house. It is still missing something. Should we paint the entire door red. The door sits right next to the red brick on the home. Thanks..

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  1. I would not paint the entire door red because it's sitting next to the brick work. I would paint the inserts red instead of yellow. If that doesn't work, I'd paint the whole door white including the inserts. That way there won't be too many different colors going on.

  2. No, the red color will not match the door. I think you should try a medium brown. Because medium brown can match both yellow and red. You can also make it better by using a medium black color.

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