What color should I paint the interior entryways?


Each room in my home is separated by an entryway with no door. The whole house was painted builder beige. We are now painting with a few different colors. My question is how do I know what color to paint the inside of the entryway. I read some advice that said to paint it the same color of the room you enter from but the rooms are all connected in a circle so can be entered from either direction. For instance I can enter my dining room from the kitchen or the living room. I can enter my living room from the dining room or the foyer. I want to fill the house with color but I still want the rooms to flow well into each other. Help!!!

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  1. Color you paint in dining room you have to use same color front wall of the room and another color on rest wall.

  2. I think that the entryway should be painted in a soft, complimentary color. For instance, we painted our kitchen in a bright, lemony yellow. We thought about purple for our living room, (a color we both like) but realized that with the open entryway, it would clash with the kitchen. So we decided on a light cantaloupe orange, that would blend well with the kitchen coloring. A green would look well with blue, (try paint samples to see which ones would look well together), or a rose color with red. Keeping the colors of the color wheel together allows some variety, without a great deal of clashing. You can then go from yellow to blue (with some green) or yellow to red (with orange).

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