What color should I paint the front door?


I have a dark red brick house with dark brown windows and cement trim above and below. There are concrete stairs and pillars at the front door with leaded glass and off white trim around the door. What color should I paint the front door?

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  1. The windows on your house reflect the green trees in the yard, so a green door would fit right in. If you would like the door to stand out, paint it red. That would make it easy for visiting friends to find your house; you could say, "It's the one with the red door." Another choice would be a shade of brown that matches the window frames.

  2. The problem with the picture is the door only takes up 1/9 of your house, while the windows take up the other 8/9 and their color tone matches the red bricks too well. If you choose any bright colors, then it'll make the house quite odd. If you want more color choices then you'll have to repaint all the windows as well as your door to change the color tone. Otherwise you're pretty much stuck with shades of wooden colors for your door.

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