What color should I paint my front door?


I have a two story cream vinyl sided house, a dark brown roof and dark brown shutters. What color can I paint my front door? I have thought about a reddish color, what do you think about that? I welcome any suggestions.

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  1. Since your home is mainly a basic cream color with dark brown accents, a reddish-color type door may work very well in this color scheme. You may want to make sure, however, that the color of the door is more of a a darker red, almost maroonish-type red, otherwise a bright red may be too much and look out of place in this house. You could also repaint the dark brown roof and shutters on your home and instead paint them white and then paint the door a nice, cheery red shade. All depends on how much you would like to spend and what type of theme you are going for.

  2. I really believe you should paint it a bright red, because the color will "pop" and stand out from the rest of your house. Also the color red is really welcoming and gives the home a more friendly feel. If you have red roses in front of your house, it's all the better! So i definitely believe you should paint it red. Thanks for this opportunity!

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