What color for front door?


House is a beige, trim is white, green metal roof and shutters. What color for the front door?

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  1. It is always recommended to refer to the bye laws of the local home owners association on standard colors to be used when making any changes to building exterior paint. The local hardware store owner will be very resourceful on this matter, providing advise on a range of paint shades that are usable and conform to the local regulations. A point to consider will be to match the color for the front door with the predominant shades used in the interiors of the house. Also, the surrounding landscape and garden will be another factor. Personally, I would recommend shades of green, perhaps sap green, if you want the front door to blend in with the surroundings. Lemon Yellow is another interesting choice of color for the front door that stands out on its own.

  2. The front door is green because goes well with the paint colors and it compliments the roof well. The green front door gives it character and appeal that makes it very attractive.

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