Wash Walls for Painting Prep


Is TSP still the best solution or is there something else out there that is not so harsh? These walls I am about to wash are smoke filled. I also heard that putting a splash of vanilla in you paint will give it a great scent. Will this hurt?

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  1. There are many Cleaners available… TSP has been the mainstream product ingredient of choice for decades…

    How smoke filled are they? After washing you will still need to prime before painting, using a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer…

    Don't add anything to paint… waste of time… paint smells good as it drys… kind of like a "cleaned smell"… that is for acrylics… oil on the other hand can be an "annoying smell"…

  2. A little vanilla can be added without any problems. Another product called Paint-Sentsations is available at some paint stores, it is perfume for paint that lasts for a couple weeks.

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