Wanting a red-stained fence.


I’ve just finished painting my exterior doors red, and I’m looking for a red stain for my picket fence. I have gray shutters, and my picket fence is old, naturally grayed wood.

Problem is, I can’t find a stain that’s a match for the doors. The “red” stains I’ve seen in the stores are all actually orange, and they would clash.

Can anyone suggest where to get a real red stain?

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  1. Solid color stains can be custom mixed to get the color you want. You will need to go to a real paint store like Sherwin Williams or your local independent paint store. Most likely the custom stain will be mixed in an exterior acrylic wood stain.

    Your fence will need a good washing with a pressure washer to get rid of the greyness and expose good clean wood. This will help with getting a "true" color from the stain.

  2. Thanks for your reply. Turns out Lowe's couldn't custom mix the stain for me, and Sherwin Williams said that red fades to pink, which is why all the stains are orange, even when they say they're red.
    Not wanting a pink fence, I ended up going with a gray paint. Oh well…

  3. Here's a picture of a house we stained last year. The stain is Sherwin Williams Woodscapes. I can't remember the color but it is in their Woodscapes color brochure. It's a very red color. Might work for you.

  4. That house looks beautiful! Turns out I thought the store I'd gone to was Sherwin Williams, but it was another smaller store. Yesterday I went to Sherwin Williams in a neighboring town, and they CAN match the color for me, and said it would likely last at least a few years. Most of my fence is in shade, so that's good.

    Thanks for your input! I may go ahead and stain my fence red after all. It's what I really want! Thanks again.

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