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We have a wooden door over our crawl access. The paint keeps washing away from rain dripping off the awning overhead. Can it be sprayed with a Vinyl Spray Paint? Where can one buy this product? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Probably what is happening is the door is in contact with the ground, thereby staying wet and the sun pulls out the moisture. When this happens, the paint comes with it. Not sure of that which you speak of a vinyl paint. Best idea might be to cut off the bottom of the door a 1/4 of an inch and see if that helps. Also, you might try painting all 6 sides of the door. That is the 2 faces and all 4 edges. Should help stop moisture penetration.

  2. Thank you for responding, but I guess I didn't describe our situation very well. There is a half-circle metal retainer wall in front of the crawl access. The wood cover lays on top of this and is about 6" above the ground, sloping about 10 degrees for run-off. It has been painted on all sides many times with exterior semi-gloss paint. Above the crawl access, there is a window with an awning. The rain runs off the awning and drips down on the wooden cover. The paint keeps wearing away only along this line. I've seen ads for a company that will spray a liquid vinyl siding on a whole house and wondered if a homeowner can purchase just a can of this liquid vinyl for such a small project.

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